build mice elf again

i am trying to build myself again
circumspect, we recollect
a box of leaves turned over, a broken watch

there are fires here
set yesterday
being acted out today

when i fell upon myself
amnesia snowflake break and brake
a self forged sword

we are bricks
what is this?
some lost kiss, some reminisce

aiming past the surreal recollection
farmed out in the introspection
fold the wings; avoid detection

there is a picture of me
there is a fiction of me
there’s a depiction of me

and the fossils in the shale
the explanation fail
the tale of a tail

broke my ties

i read about the withdrawals
an empty bank
what coin did i mint?

i broke my ties
this electronic reach though
i close my eyes

to feel you broke a promise to friends
a souring hold of guilt
but this is the ramshackle castle you built

what does it mean?
what do i mean?
i erect a screen, behind a screen

it is something somewhat obscene
i do not need to wipe the board clean
but i need to regain the previous sheen

we rest on this

you think there is nothing to this
the sickness
the thickness
the paralysis in heat
the magnetising of the mirrors
it becomes clearer
that we passed over the event horizon

you may not talk about this
push their discomfort
pamper their hurt
say you are a bruise
become a setting sun
fall like forever is the glass ceiling’s twin
is the bottom of the barrel

we rest on our bones